Saturday, September 8, 2012


To my readers one thing we both can agree up on is this, when it comes to blogs I know nothing so what I am doing is expressing my  thoughts if you are looking for professional blogging perhaps you need to go to another place, this ain't it LOL!

As one of the oldest children of seven children raised by one parent, we were taught the love for each other and care and love of others.  As a single mother myself (fathers pass away). I tried to give what I learned from my mom and growing into who I am today to my children.

I was a young mom, and yes along the way of raising three children some mistakes was made that is because nothing or any one of us are perfect it also means that there is no such thing as one fits all rules for parenting.  Why you ask because we do not fit into that small little world of one fit all, this is why we are all our individual selves.

I (speaking of my family now) see thing within this family that hurtful mean, unforgiving no understanding and love have walked out of the door, the way some deal with a problem is to stop speaking to each other or  care each other but from a distance.  How can any problem be solved with out some one talking about it as well as listing to what the other person have to say.  Oh let me through my hat into this.

I love my children and there is nothing that they can say to me or do that would make me stop loving them or listing to them, that some how have changed, now it the other way around, I find myself not knowing anything or no longer wanted my usefulness is not needed, some have forgotten what I have given up to make them happy or what I have done for them.  I am that same person as I was yesterday as I am today.  As a child I could understand but I am speaking of adults.

If I say that no matter what you say I will never give up on you that I will always love you, I am told stop calling me and leaving messages trying to use reverse psychology on me it will not work, actually I thought my children knew me better than that. Maybe not, when a child decides to tell on me to someone else, that hurts.  When you barley hear from a child especially see them and when you tell them how glad you are just being in their present and they grunt (intelligible), it hurts.

Will I give up loving my children just because of the way that they have chosen the way that they live their lives and forgetting that no matter how far or dead or alive they go I will always be their mother.  I will as long as I live give them the respect that I  believe that they deserve, never would I suggest to either of my three children to stop contacting me or contacting them.

As a single parent for my children I have gone that mile with them some although have had a heart time putting together what I tried to teach them, but just maybe now gets it.  Some of my family member would tell me stop worrying about them they are grown let them handle their own problem or he/she will be all right, but as a parent I found that it was my duty to be there when they turn around and thought nobody cared that it was my duty to be stand just in the right place that they could see my mom is my friend is my rock who is always there rooting for me my mother loves me no matter what, and I will return the same to her, instead sometimes I feel as if I have been slapped in the face and kicked out of their lives.

To my family nothing that you can do or say will change my mind about the way I love you, maybe I do not do what you want me to do or act the way you think I should act or be that Mom with a degree, you see I don't know what it is you want from me, all I know is this I do love each of you with all my heart.
Love you always
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