Friday, August 23, 2013


As you can see this subject have taken a tole on me.  It have me wondering,searching for answer.  It is to me it is hard to get my mind rapped around how people that have no ideal about a person could hate or just don't like them because of who or what they have choose to do with their lives.  Understand of other can and would cure all of this curiosity.

As a child I would tell my mom I don't like a certain food and she would ask me how do you know you don't like it have you eaten it before? The answer was no, what I should have said was I didn't like the way it looked, therefore I didn't like it.  Her answer was taste it first and then if you don't like it you let me know.  Usually I found that it was good and ate it looking for more, this is the same with people, once you get to know someone you just might find yourself liking that person or community.

We can not meet each other living in different place yet in the same States, something to me is wrong with this picture.  Communities should be mixed with all people respective of their color creed sexual orientation. This still do not answer where did all this hate come from and why.  I have been thinking about this for the longest of time you see to me things do not just happened, there must be a cause and there is one even to this age old problem.

There are more people claiming to be religious living in this country than any were else in the world (the Belief of God) Say what, yes and this is where it all began from our reading of the Bible and not getting understanding or use the spiritual gift we all have.  

After the Flood Noel Got drunk off win and was naked his younger looked up on him which with out covering him, his two oldest son covered him walking backward pulling the covers over his nakedness, the next day Noel cussed his youngest son and his family, the it never was said or implied what the curse was or entailed, but that do not stop man from guessing and putting his ideals to work on what it was.

Ask any white person or some blacks and they will tell you that the curse was that Noel curse was to make all of his children and their children black, did you get that? Therefore being black was the curse, nobody never though about asking if that is true and since everything began in Africa how wouldn't that have been a blessing?  I mean back then just as it is now colored people out number the whites, so why would that curse be considered at all. Abra (Abraham called later) had to be of color he lived in the desert in a tent.  So that story do not wash with me and it shouldn't you either, if you are a free thinker.

Slavery was not as it was here in the United States, yet it was based upon the Good Book, nobody was kidnapped and put into slavery, in those days one put themselves into servitude because they was poor and more than likely could not pay what was borrowed, parent in order for the family of the poor to live would put their children in servitude to survive pay off that which was borrowed or they was captured in a war and made services even then God left strict rules on how they were suppose to be treated.  There were nobody better than the other or hated someone because of who or what they  were.  As for the Gay's God said of some of them they are my servant leave them along.  Who are we to judge, who are we to hate who are we to be unforgiving.  No matter how much money you have it will not give you life, it will not guarantee you a seat at the head of the Table of life.  When your time comes you will answer you will just like that poor man die and be no-more, explain to me again how great you are because you can afford worldly goods you can not buy life.

Why can't we all become community orientated living together working together for the in-betterment of man kind by accomplishment of getting to know each other knowing and feeling for   each other loving and caring for each other not because they are our white or colored neighbor but because they are human and humans should love each other one is no better than the other we all live we all die, so why not make our living mean something other than hate prejudice or murdering treat all as if we all are a gift to each other we are you know, we are you know. 

Next the Discussion on our Black youth and why are the killing each other who is the blame for that?