Sunday, June 9, 2013


One of the things that use to bother me most was how could anybody by just looking at a person without knowing them decide that they hate another person, because of looks color or they are from a different country.

I've learned a little about this and found it is nothing new, it about how some was taught, children do not enter this would being prejudice nor hating it would have to be taught or something in their lives happened when growing up that influence this way of thinking.

The very young are impressive and they are sometimes easily  mislead and there those who are willing to help them along with beliefs that was not taught in the home. 

Prejudice began way back when it's done to control others by those who have something to loose.  The Rich Plantations owners who may or may not have lived in the old southern states, but not to put this totally on the South lets think yes prejudice is every where even in the Northern States always have been.  The North have a way of hiding their prejudice and hate of another.

To keep the Rich from the commoners they had to devise a  way to keep themselves above the communities this was done by a very smart way and even today nobody seems to have figured it out here is the big ideal (still used today) division in the communities. 

This was a way of keeping the slaves in check by hiring overseers and allowing telling the White slaves how much greater they were over the blacks, remember the Blacks spoke no English and therefore the Rich decided that since they was could not master the English Language they could not be taught. The poor Whites was angry and just as today with the Hispanics thought the Blacks was at fought because jobs for them was hard to find, who would hire anybody when they received free laborer.   Some managed to purchase slaves for themselves, maybe one or two these were what we call today Middle Class of people. 

I remember reading a book where a couple sold their possession to purchase one slave to help them to work their fields, Cotton was a big comate in those days the Southern Rich man was smart by keeping division between the Black Slaves and the White Slaves they were able to kept them apart same as it is today.  They also kept the poor and Middle Class of  people in  the communities fighting against each other separation and division can win a war.

After the Slavery was over Jim Crow Laws took over now these set of people were the poor Whites and they ruled the Black by burning shoot hanging just because they were the dominate.  Prejudice and Hate of Blacks prevailed for a long time.  They had a way of keeping the Black man down by putting the Black woman as head of their House Hole because she could work as a maid or nanny to their children.  Blacks were not allowed to walk on the same side of the street as a White and no Black man should look at a White Woman in any kinds of way. 

The word for the Black Man was boy this was a sociological way of keeping the Black Man in his place in other words he was not considered a Man in the eye site of the the White Man and his words to them was no sire and yes sire instead of Master after Slavery.  Whites was the dominance one he ruled and the Rich saw to it that they kept that division where it is today.

Today is different in the since that now the White are no longer demoniac and this is not   pleasing to some.  So much that they can not see that if the joined the rest of the poor and middle class of people instead of hating and being prejudice that we could win this war on man kind, other countries who never had what they now enjoys knows this but American have yet to learn that we all are human and we all under the skin are the same.  The rich now purchases which once was We the People's they now buy our Representatives and Senators unless we the OTHERS learn to stop fighting us and start fighting the ones who have a  bigger stake in this war against the 99% we will win.  As long as these rich men and women can put it in  some head that they are better that they should be the head of all things in America and all the while the rich is cutting them us into behind our backs they keep up this division between the Middle Class and the Poor because as long as we are fighting among ourselves nobody is noticing how they are using us to gain more power. 

This is not based up on  any book Television show just observation  of mine.