Sunday, March 17, 2013


Some times life begins to start and stop, nothing new just feelings of let down.  Did I ever tell you about what goes around comes around, watch how you treat or talk to others.  It is never just about you and yours others are in your life too, perhaps you don't like it but they are there what can you do?

You can choose your friends but family well it is not left up to you and they are not you same mother and father different people.  Me I hear this a lot, you allow others make a fool out of you or you can't take care of everybody.  Stop listing to others said life or what they have to say, yet in that same breath I hear I love my daughter son, there is nothing I wouldn't do for them.  Oh I have another one in raising children you have to have tough love you are to soft on them they run all over you.

Thanks for the advice, but when I need a friend (some one close to me) to talk to I have to talk to the cat :) uh let;s get on with this I have been here long enough to know that living in this world along is not possible yes there are some who may think I am all those things I just mention, but after knowing and being with me I thought you knew me by now.  guess I was wrong,

Here is another old saying, if you have two, tree or more children, don't count on one person or think to your self that he or she will be the one there for me when I need somebody that just may not be the one or none so don't count on that don't count on anyone of them listing to you if you just want to talk, ups got to go nobody want to listen what do we do as parent of adult children, even if we are busy or just don't feel like listing (you know the feelings) we stop and listen uh no don't offer any advice because you don't know anything just listen.

Our adult children dumps on us everyday, but we don't mind because to a mother we are interested in their well being now just as we did when they were babies.  Wouldn't it be wonderful if one of them sat and listing as you  rant and rave about your disappointment or happiness or just ranting to hear yourself talk and they had the time to at least interested.

I had nothing to give my children (still don't) so I gave them each a part of me, I shared myself with them I have never been selfish or self absorbed not even to those who was not friends, I was brought up during the times when a neighbor was a friend and looked out for each other.  When if you needed a place to lay your head for a couple of days your neighbor would allow you to sleep on the couch or on their back porch, I was even brought up during the times neighbors did not lock their doors as a matter of fact food was left if out for any stranger who came along and was hungry could eat.

I was bought up  to believe that once you was a mother you remain so until death due you apart.  I was raised by a single parent a mother who was not to much older than I am, she was my friend the one I could spill my heart to and we talked together long into the nights.  She have Alzheimer's now so I have no one any more,  My sister and I aren't that close, we talk but I have found that if you talk to some people just carrying on a personal conversation and it is about a spouse or a child, people takes it the wrong way.  Mom and I was able to discern what was suppose to effect the other and which was not.  We grew up  together she and I learned together cried laugh I thank God for giving her to me.

I am in the process of making sure that I can get to visit her more often I hate asking or bothering others about their cars taking me from place to place, yet some have used my car, oh it's just me I am growing  old now and I am not able to do the things that I once did like catch the bus or walk you see my best friend gave birth to me along, nobody was there at my  birth just her and me.  Which may or may not have cause me to be  born with C.P. Cerebral  palsy I am not complaining about that, it's just the way it is.

So lets talk lets go back to remembrance land and chat up a storm, I'll tell you what it is like being me and a few personal things after getting to know you and you do the same with me. Ha got to go now I am looking for that talk By for Now
@Russell It's A Family Affair, be seeing you.