Friday, May 24, 2013


Good day to all I am a reader and listener of news and what is taking place around me.  This Blog is about my thoughts on different subjects each of them may or may not relate to the other  so with that let me get started:

The big scandal of to day is IRS, nothing new here we the taxpayer pray each year that we don't get audited.  Lets face it no matter how Congress put it, the IRS should have investigated the Tea Party's application for not-for Profits Organization one may say but it was bias maybe but it was because so many of them with the same name attached to it that brought the IRS attention to it, I agree that others should have been targeted like Carol Rove's organization accepting money under the covers of none named donator su-special in my opinion a simple yes.

I would also say that the IRS over reached by not including other Organization in their investigation lord knows there are plenty of them that are out there.  We the people know this but others ignores it.  

Let's take some of the Big Churches who collects billion of dollars, yet they have no taxes yet they participate in our public affairs by participating in Governmental affairs. This is part of the Tea Party we know this by the Evangelical stance bu what they have publicly disclosed they are under the ideal that the States are based up on the Bible therefore making the United States a Christian state, the  Tea Party thinks the same way they bring their belief , Their ideals is simply to take the Country back to a time when Whites was the dominic race of  people.

President Obama, is not the King of the United States of America he is a President which is a big difference I read every day where someone are complying about how he have not kept his promises on certain things that he promise in his speeches let's remind them that in order for him to carry out his ideals Congress must approve them.  This Congress is made up of Tea Party types, these people do not care about what their constituencies think or want most owe their allegiance to their benefactor, not the American People.  They do not care about we the people they do not love  America at all.

President Obama on war, in 2014 the Afghanistan war will be over, as he stated all wars must come to an end, my thoughts exactly as a matter of fact they should have ended with the Bush Administration in my opinion we should have not evaded Iraq or Afghanistan we should have only went after the mastermind behind the attack of 9/11 and his allies. But since we didn't after the killing and taking out certain heads of Al Qaeda we should call this way to end. Yet not take our eyes off of the terrorist groups that is out to harm America we must also monitor the activity of those here that have sympathy for the terous and they want to harm us as well homegrown terrorism is our new normal sad but it is true.    

This ends my thoughts on some of the things that are taking place on the news and the Huffington Post which I get most of my information from.  I really have more but I will save it until next time. Please give me your thoughts on todays news. Here and around the world, I am looking forward to hearing from you.
By Marie Russell-Barker, Blog Russell's Family Affair.