Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Congressional Republicans Plan To Introduce Phony Fix For Their Debt Ceiling Mess

Congressional Republicans Plan To Introduce Phony Fix For Their Debt Ceiling Mess: pPresident Obama has pledged not to negotiate over the raising of the debt limit. Republicans in the House and Senate have promised not to raise it without extracting more spending cuts. The nation reached the debt limit on December 31 — it is only avoiding it now thanks to “extraordinary measures” from Treasury — and [...]/p

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Physical Cliff and other thoughts on Politic

We have hears much about this cliff that America was suppose to be falling off of.  How ever as it is over with it left me wondering if, why it had to come down to a fight?  I heard that Congress just like the citizen is divided well, I can not say that I disagree with that we elected them to understand and to be able to think of what is good for the country, this is why (in my opinion) we should be electing open minded people and anyone over fifty do not have an open mind. 

I have read else where not in the news but on different pages, that the President have let down the Black Community, yea but he was elected to be the President and must (have) represent all of us as a whole, not just one race of  people, as a peole Blacks must start doing something we have not done is all come together for a common cause and began to make our communities safe and getting involved into political affairs, State by State City by City, complain when something is wrong get behind each other stand up and be counted push just as other race of people are doing pay attention to why some politicians want your vote and what are they going to do for our communities that they are running in ask questions find out if they are open minded do a back grown check on them if they have ever ran for office before to see how they voted on the things we care about.

Federal Elections make sure that every community that they are running for is visited instead  of just the ones down state or some Suburbs outside of the cities when part of that city is suppose to vote for them stop being a follower and start leading, we have some smart people but for some reason they would rather hold back and allow others to make decisions for them.

Stop listing to negative conversation just because you vote and consider yourself belongs to one party or another do what is right check both sides of the coin stop agreeing because some conversation are raped in lies and fairy tails listen with your head and not your preacher or heart this is business and it should be thought of with your brains what's good for us as citizens now make your decision and move forward always looking a head towards the