Tuesday, January 31, 2012


As a family we are all like a tree each of us represent the whole yet different. The tree represent the parent the branches is the children of the parent. The needlessness that drop from the branches is the began or and extension of that family. Each one of them are of it own just as the branches, (parent of the seeds) are different. The family want to see itself as perfect a perfect family is something we all would like to have, but it ain't going to happened because there is not such thing as perfect. One other thing I would like to bring into this conversation is this the family is also like a small community.

As a parent we raise our children the best of our knowledge and who is to say it was right or wrong when there is no instruction advising us on anything so we do what we think is right and learn along with the children, a sister or brother may not agree with the way you are rearing your children however that do not make theirs perfect either because they are depending up on the same things that you did. A community just like a family is made up of different people different personalities so is a family.

Just because you disagrees with your family or your neighbor do not mean that you should shut your doors of life cut them off from all aspect of your life. Let me straighten this out a little an abandonment of the heart is doing as that person that may have hurt you or done wrong by you, although we have a way of pleasing out minds by saying to ourselves if they hadn't done this I may not have did what I did or I would not act the way I do towards them, oh we do have our ways.

Unfortunately that puts you in the same place that the other person is in you have become them oh and yes they think the same way about you unforgiving or abandonment of heart always end with being unhappiness or along nobody enjoys being along I will not listen to that because you see we were all put here for each other. By no means do I want any one to allow some one to abuse them physically or mentally. that is not what I am saying at all I am saying that there is a better way to do it with out becoming that other person and with out the hurtful pains that goes along with loosing someone you love.

Our lives are complicated and family just can not deal with a lot of things that goes on with in it. Some family members do not have the understanding of being a family to be able to deal with it. Other just do not want to deal with situation that are unpleasant or embarrassing to them although it have nothing to do with them personally. Family are not that piece of jewel that one can visit every Family meeting or get together and admire it is something we must work at and one of the things we can do is to respect others and don't expect them to be like we are. We also need to remember that family is to be enjoyed loved not agreed with every time something is said or done.

Cousin, sisters brothers parents, we all are different people and need to see each others as such, not as that is my and he or she treated me this way or that my mom had a saying for this she said "forgive them and feed them with a long handle spoon". As a child I did not understand what it was that she meant so when I was old enough I asked her and this is what she said "forgive threat them nice but never give them the chance to hurt you again." Notice Forgive them, how many of us in a family do this or how many of us don't like something and go along to get along no matter how some one have hurt us. Be better Forgive them (after letting them know that they hurt you) but never allow them close enough to hurt you in that way again. Speak and always be pleasant and happy. Love you all!

Sunday, January 15, 2012



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I have been listing to the Republicans platform and it have not excited me as of yet!  Let's start with the front runner Mitt Romney,who claim that the POTUS is running off class warfare, with out noticing that it have been a warfare for over a decade now the Rich keeps getting their share while the Middle Class have diminished into the Poor class of people, Mr. Romney also claim that Corporations are people too, with that kind of thinking it leaves me to believe that he is out of touch with any one but the rich.

Mr. Romney who is running off his Business since also complains that it is unfair for others to use his records as a business man.   Confusing I'd say so where do you go from here.  If Mr. Romney becomes president we can kiss our freedom good by, and look forward to the 1800 the good old days of slavery and land owners not allowed to vote counted as cattle this also would effect women as well as the Blacks no more freedom of speech or having rights all will be taken away.

Ron Paul, well he do not hide what he stands for if you can read in between words that are coded like property rights and strangely enough he want this country to cut itself off from the rest of the world.  Mr. Paul who refuses to answer question regarding his prejudices, or even confuses the subject of what he really stand for calling himself some one who believes, in a social society when all the time his true self is more in tune with the Old Southern Beliefs.   Are we to believe anything that he stands for when asked a question he answers with one of the most confusing conversations any one have ever heard leaving those who listen to many words yet not really saying any thing.

Not good for us here in the United States, we must realize that in order to survive in this global world we must play a part in it.

Newt Gingrich, jealous and angry as well as revenges is this the kind of man we want to run this country some of us remember him as the Speaker of the House and know how well that went over.   He makes his money off of gimmicks ideals that fill his pockets with cash.  Calls himself a historian, really?   His work for Freddie Mac as a lobbies was suppose to be a historian position, yea we believes this.  Newt is another Richard Nixon some one who is all for the money and damn the way he gets it.

This whole circus is nothing but that and the ring masters are playing it up for the Evangelic and the Tea Parties, but what about the real world oh their plan is to catch us on the down side.  The Tea Parties like dumb and the Religious like do as I say and be like me.  Hate prejudices is their games if anyone do not believe in their way of thinking they are sinners and are going straight to hell, how can man make this decision when they themselves are unable to live here on earth in peace love of all gods creation.  Who gives man the right of judgeship of others,  Their Bible should read revenge is mine I will repay, God will do the judging not man.