Tuesday, August 9, 2011


The title we the People deals with how I have come to the conclusion of playing the game blame, as a people here in the United States politically and private we must always have some one that we can blame distasteful to us on others because we can not take that look within.   This is because some where in the back of our minds we know the truth.

Taking Responsibility is not an easy thing to do this just may prove that you were in the wrong and we just not up to that just yet.  So we blame everybody but ourselves.  

For instance Last November 2010 and election was held, those so called Liberals and other alike was so angry because the President did not go with some ideals of an Insurance Plan that they wanted.

this is where the Tea  Parties was born oh I don't mean that they just popped up but this was the only time in our history that another party was able to get into the White House, the Republican was so bad with their "Hell no we won't" stance, then they start courting fringe element that believe in the Constitution although claiming this and knowing nothing about  what the Constitution really states actually these are Evangelical Christian and some who are prejudice hate mongrel.   

So who is responsible for electing the Tea Parties, the party of no turned into a party of no and we hold this Country Hostage until we get what we want tax cuts which will create jobs huh?  We did by  deciding that we were going to teach President Obama and the Democrats a lesson by not voting or by voting for the Tea Party, from governors , Representatives Senators from the States to the United States, what did you gain?  

Governors taking over a city and it's elected Representative stripping unionizing, Voters rights holding the Country hostage you name it and this is what your lovely cup of Tea Parties have done, I hear grumbling about what Obama should do and I can not help but ask myself, how can he do any thing when we the voters tied his hands feet and place tape over his mouth.  Yes we I said it because it is "we" who vote the ones in who have almost killed this country who do not care about you little man or woman if you are not rich you should not be voting for the Republican yet they have you fooled that tax cuts will create jobs if that the case every one of you who are looking for employment and have been for quite some time would have a job, Bush cut the taxes no jobs was created, Obama extended  them for two years any one see any jobs being created.

When are we the people going to learn to stand up together as one Nation Under God and protect the hunger the sick the Elders when are we going to stop worthlessness wars and stop spreading our selves so thin that we can not take care of our own citizens.  Oh don't get me wrong I am all for charity, but first charity belongs at home then spreads abroad.  We are protect other countries at our expense if other countries feel that they are in danger let them pay us for protection isn't that the way it should be.