Friday, December 31, 2010



As I sat and think back to the days of what our Kids would call Old School, I can not help but kind of smile and think to yourself you totally don't get it.  they younger parents today are looking for the perfect family, which do no exist.  Families as we were taught excepted each other for who the are and not for that in which is wanted because it do not exist.  For a perfect family to exist those who are connected to the family would have to be perfect therefore making the family perfect.  The older generation made this monster by not discussing or allowing the children to know how mom and dad sacrificed and did for them the things that was done.  Giving of things that did not matter because they had not value in them nothing to learn from.  The older generation of yesterday though my children will have all the things my parent did not give to me.  Things no value!  Parent of today work two or thee jobs which takes away from the most important things that children should have.  Teaching of how to give love how to deal with situation that will come in a later life social skills and zero to none.  As parent the adult is the first teacher and this is where parenting begins the first day of birth that child began the joinery of learning now it is up to the parent to start that teaching.  As the child grows to began to understand we should start with no, and keep that promise, yes he is curious but you must make it understood.  Yes is another word.  A child needs more than just how to read write and math to get along in the world,  It is important that a child knows that it take other to help him or her to grow into a responsible adult hood.  I am afraid the responsibility of our adults lives of today is a dead cause because he/she did not understand that with no came  responsibility, without excuses, that word excuse seem to be the key note of  today's rearing of our children parents uses it, "I am sure that he/she did not mean it I'll have a talk with them or if it was not for the fact that he/sh only had one parent they could have been better".  These are excuses, along with Responsibility comes with some kind of actions good or bad.  Most of the time the result of their responsibilities are  justified.  Children of today do not have the capable of owning up to their responsibility.  because the consensus is this you own me for the miserable way I was brought up or what happened to me as a child . Consequences  good or bad whatever is life is your responsibility not some one other than self owes life. Our children believes that if they go to school starting at the bottom of any company is beneath them (most).   This is because mom and dad or one did not teach that humbleness, and gratitude will get you where you need to go in life.  That one must crawl first, walk next and at last run.  Parent need to show the children what it is to earn the things that they want by either working for it or saving their allowances.  Want an new games rack the leaves each day keep the ward clean and I will pay you this or your allowance will increase if you help more around the house.  Teach them that owning up to mistakes or non mistakes is better than lies, or excuses parent should never take an excuse as to why a child did something.   my point is that this is whare consequences must bring about a change wrong ignored is only aiding your child in believing that there is no consequences.   Life do not take excuses, there are consequences in every thing that we do some good some bad but our children feel so privileged to day they can not understand responsibility or consequences.  Until that is taught and learn we will keep getting what we are receiving now!