Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Closing of This Election Make's me Nervers!

From the very beginning  of this Election I have been upset, it's because I can not understand how any one can vote for someone that have more faces than one can Count.

Mitt Romney have lied to those of us who vote try to vote for the best person for this very important Position this man will have all of our lives in his hand and we as a People should know just how he will govern, but to my surprise not a person have looked or ask this question not of him because as a human I find him unwilling to tell the truth.

His whole ideal of leading a county is by not doing any of the traditional things that every president have done  for ever, not releasing his taxes, and only two years  one incomplete.  When that happened I began to worry about America The Beautiful, I knew that this is not a person that should be running our country his only reasons for wanting to be the President is just that he want to be the President, not that he want to take us to a new place or have new ideals just win the election.

My worries is that he will take us back to the 1950 or rather those who bought him will, but thank goodness he lost his bid for the Presidency, about 12:01 AM he conceded to  the new and elected  returning for four more year Barack H. Obama and Joe Biden, we won, now I am worried about our mother earth strange things are happening now, for instance look at New York and New Jersey, have anyone seen any thing like this happening in our life time, surely this is Global Warming at it's best we must start taking care of her.

What's Expected For The Future!

Although this blogger is 71 years of age and still looking forward to a better place, I expect to see more of taking care of our Earth, by taking care of our drinking water and clean the air that we breath.  Stop using dirty fuels investment in Win Turbines and getting rid of Nuclear digging for Oil these are the old ways.

I am looking forward to a better tomorrow and it is time we get started with it now, We just reelected President Obama, who believes in science and new technological invention,  Who believes that the World is Warming at an alarming pace,

Some say there is nothing that can be done about that, but  they made it this way and as the world turns so    does everything with it.  Man made earth unsafe for man, now it is time for man to at least admit that we are the cause of the melting of the ice climate changes that is happening right now New York New Jersey are giving us a glance at what this world are beginning to look like, if man don't start  doing something now soon there will be no earth.

We can start by getting rid of plastic, use cloth shopping bags will not only help earth but you as well, they can always be reused and washed.  Stop the Coal Mining from taking the top of our mountings as a matter of fact we need to start looking for ways to replace it as well as gas, and nuclear which is a hazardous to our being.  I am not a scientist and are unable to name all of the things we can do.

We must have strong EPA rules and regulation that must be enforced, stop big companies and oil companies from polluting our air and waters, these are things we can do, so lets make a pledge to write sign petition lets do our part to make a this a better place.  It's A Family Affair.