Sunday, November 27, 2011

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Some times it is hard to imagine how close we are to each other in different Countries than ours, but here lately we are beginning to try to understand the complicated situation of how we are connected.  After all we are so far apart each of us are left wondering what the?  Do that have to do with us, in order to understand what happened over the last couple of decades we must learn about money and how it travels, no not by carrier Pigeon any longer (LOL) but by the thing that we all have become attracted to and if you are not attracted to it and don't know how to use it you are pretty much left in the dark.  It's call the Computer and Key board, but that is getting off the subject another thing that we must know is how Stocks and Bonds are  traded Money being made no, not printing it but actually a return on you dollars.

Last night I watched Inside Trading, and it was really worth it to watch especially like a laymen as myself, I have to admit I have no ideal how the Stock Markets works except to say I do not understand it.  as is appears on the Television, and how to spend it.

Not to worry our Big Businesses especially the Banking Community they know how to cheat play by the rules spend money it does not have use your money to do it all with and why not  your money (some of it any way) is insured by the Unite State so they gamble and lost using your money.

We can not pretend that the Government did not know this was going on because it was reported to them more than once but they kept that to themselves and told those who was reporting that a big bubble within the housing market was accumulating only said in return that the market was sound and safe.  Hum hum, sound like I have heard that from some place oh yest the President GWB all ways said this when he was asked about the economy "it is sound and good" do you remember that too.

Like most of you even if I knew what I was looking at from a stand point of following the money I would not have known what to look for or what it all meant.  This is what happened Wall Street and the Banking industries have tangle and tied so much to what should be simple into a completed ball all wind together until I am not sure if they could explain it or even know what to do to stop it.

We thought after the S&L situation that these money affairs was over oh boy were we wrong the Banks began to buy each other and grow out of control then started the same thing that the S&L did, even went further, the United State Federal Government made it easier for them by relaxing the REG.S (Rules and Regulations) allowing them to write their own rules and Regulation after all the Market can take care of itself better than the Government leave them along and they will do the right thing.   Before we get all gite and excited about the Republican I want to remind you that Clinton was there in much of this.

Clinton ran on cutting Welfare causing homelessness to rise to a new all time leaver and many more things some of  us can not remember these thing for two reason first it was before your time, second it was your time but you rather think of the pass as a romantic time to live, the Clinton years was just as horrible  as some of the Republican was back in the day.  Clinton turned a blind eye toward what was happening with these big banks or he knew he would not win that fight I can not speak for him but common since tells me that it had to be one or the other.

To help out our economy and kill the Middle Class, along came George W. Bush and cut taxes for the upper income (yes trickle down effect) which have never worked now those left behind (Republicans) seems to be stuck nobody have a brain and will not allow any one with half a brain pull us out of this situation.  It was not borrowing to much when they allowed the Pharmaceutics companies write the health care bill called part D.  It was not borrowing when Bush states on the television news that he thought everybody should own his own home, giving the Mortgage Bankers and Banks to get started giving everybody that wanted a home one.  I want everybody to have a home too, but if you can not afford it don't purchase it.  It was Bush who helped us out further with two wars.  Did I mention that nothing Mr. Bush put in place was not paid for not the medic-en the wars no rules or regulation home owning no child left behind.  He did not pay for any of his ideals that was passed by congress.  Now of course some of those same  people are hollering that we are borrowing to much but never mention why?  It is not because it's for us it is to pay for ten years of nobody paying for anything this is why we are borrowing.  

If any of you get a chance to watch Inside  Trading please do watch it is in-lighting  and will help you to understand why we had to bail out America's Bank and what happening around the world now remember if they fall down we all fall down.  Until next time I am signing off
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