Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Blacks In the News!

As much as the dedication of Blacks, neighborhoods, one would think that the people discussed each year would get it.  But when are other going to stop lumping everybody in the same old cotton clothe sort of speak, for instance we are not all ignorant or closed in we all have come into contact with others in our society most of are not "well traveled", but are thankful that they are able to read.  This Sunday will kick off a segment of programs, geared towards Blacks In America.  Before they do that lets go to some of those neighborhoods and find what is their first find out what makes some Blacks tick, (The words Black America  Hispanic American and of course White American etc, etc etc....American) These words and description here is a division, in people but only one that was perfectly mention is where some think of themselves as superior and of course have the answers to everybody problems.  I'll save this for another day to discuss. today lets began with how to help Black America, but first lets look at how they became from.  One sure fired thing I can assure you of is that they did not take that beautiful ride to freedom  by booking a ticket on the most famous Mayflower Ship headed to the New Colonies,  Blacks was not one of them but I can tell you this also that most of them that was there not all came of their own free will either.

To keep a people down in today's America requires some smart thinking on their part of the Americas.  But get it done they have, half of our young Black men and women are in prison or one their way in prison.  Back in the Late sixties, when I became away of how our young was going astray with drugs and not understand why so much drugs was flushing and flooding our neighborhoods, until it just made me sick, not know what to do.  I was the School Parent Council President, and it was job to get parent out for meetings, and invite guess speakers I came up with the ideal of inviting someone from the police department in charge of the special unit for illegal drugs, he answered questions and brought along films showing what drugs was doing to our children, the film was so drastic it kept me away for a long time after seeing them.  To this day I can remember my questions that I ask him, "Are our black Kids the only one who go to prison or jail for doing drugs"? His answer shocked me, when he said no the confusion on my face and mind prompted him to say but yours are the only one to go to prison or on the television.  In the Suburbs he said, we arrest them but records come up missing or the case never get to court, why I ask once again his answer was surprising to me.  He said your children do not live next door to a judge or go to school with one or a police chief officer.  You don't have rich people to look out for you money can buy mostly anything he said.  Dumb founded, now before some one give me those few rich people that have gone to jail, spare me the trouble of pointing out that not all who have not darken prisons or jails doors are innocent they have enough money to get out of things and they are never mention again. 

If our children are going to have a fair chance at becoming a part of this society the adults in the family must start now teaching and paying attention to their children and that includes that teenage daughter who just gave birth to a baby, now she things no school.  Explaining to her before she gets comfortable that the first is a mistake and you will help with that one as long as she stay in school, but the second and so on is an intent and you don't plan on spending the rest of you life cleaning up behind her.  Mean it young men should have a certain time that he should be in the house giving choice is not a bad ideal a slap on the rear do not harm or hurt ones chances at life or make one an abouser, abouse is taught but not all of the time some people are going to be that any way.  Blacks needs to start pulling the string where their children are concer teaching such as you have one thing that can be an asscet to you and that is your words.  Showing them the way of life instead of listing to them tell you children have not experience life, it is up to the adults to make sure that they really know what and who their children are, keeping up with who their friends are, did they do their home work and no outside activity on school nights and if no school instead of going out pick up a book and do some extra, it is not dumb to be smart.

Black have gone backward as far as rearing children are concern and it started within my generation, where it will end if we don't start to take back our childrens from all the things that have taken them away from us.  We are responsible for giving them hope now is that time or our society will be left behind, money is a big help that I will admit to but more love and attention will wind over that.  I know because where other saw us (my family and me) as being poor I did not see it.  Back then there were no designers clothing we all wore the same, we all lived in the same place, our parent looked out for the neighbors child until the return home from work or taking care of some business. 

Sunday, April 3, 2011


From child  until adult, we all have been chasing after happiness, yet when and if it comes it is only in dribbles, never to stay if at all.  But how can some one honest it, how can we as humans know what it is if we only gets glimpse and pieces of it.  How do we know it is happiness if we don't have and understanding of what it is and how it makes us feel.  Age old questions that I bet each of us have asked ourselves, many of times.  Some thing that money is happiness others think that just being surrounded by things brings happiness, yet none of these makes any of us happy, what then can we do nothing.

The more one have the more one accumulates yet happiness escapes  For one moment out of how many days of ones life we see a gimps of happiness.

There are all kinds of though on what would make one happy from owning to having or wellness.

So will anybody ever have happiness, yes it is always with you those little fleeing moment, things said or done people that you remember fondly , and the days that you spent looking for happiness now you can laugh at how sill you were looking for something that you already had

We finely realizes that money could not buy that for us, because you look back and realize  that person who had every thing never became happy  did not live to see this day, so was it happiness that they accomplished,  it all was for nothing happiness never came while here on earth.  we know  no matter how much we have or how many friends we have that someone who did not see today never spoke of happiness.

We realize that although we do not  own anything that  in the end of the day that do not make us happy either.

Happiness lives within and if only one would just open their eyes it is there for all to see.  Happiness grows within it never dies, it go with us everywhere  even to the  graves  happiness lives on  in spirit and time. Those glimpse that we have been seeing are the things to come.

I believe in time for instance there is a time and a place for everything that we do on this earth, Time for every little thing that happens in ones live while on earth time counted,  Everything In the beginning was done in time every hours minuet have a place.  Why are we  afraid of time, yes we are afraid of time ending. Revelation  speaks of an end time in our Bible but the end time is when you no longer are here on earth.

Why are we so comfortable we all know we did not come to stay yet we don't want to leave.  Remember time, well death to me is that time yes the body dies but the spiritual body lives on.

It goes to it's time, and since this time have been hard, for us to see what happiness is and when it will come  the time that is coming will be filled with happiness because you will not have to look for it or think it is not for you because you can not see feel or hear it.  Time  will open eyes that was closed and we will be able to see it all.  The Per Suite of Happiness, true happiness, will come up on our second life, spiritual life.